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The Internetional Registry of Marriage - The Place to Celebrate your Relationship, Affirm your Love, Register your Marriage & Renew your Vows.

We warmly welcome you to come together in the presence of and our passionate Internet community to co-create a World of Marriage Beyond Time & Space.

Our Vision is to manifest and spread the fabric of Eternal Love through the World of the Internet. is the voice via which this message have reached millions and will continue to do so beyond our short time on Earth. This is our Vocation and we invite you to share our Vision and Voice. This is the place for you to make a Public and Global declaration of your love to that very Special and Significant Someone. Celebrate and Express Appreciation for your unique relationship... you chose each other from out of the billions of people in our Wonderful World! This is not random... your relationship is a miracle... you complete one another... this was meant to be...

Affirm your lasting commitment as partners in Love, for Life. Affirming your continuing love to that very Special and Significant Someone is a Commitment which will continue to Strengthen your relationship and infuse your lives with the Power of Love which will prepare you for whatever situations you may face.

Your registration with also symbolise your Intention for Eternal Love. This Intention is sent out into the Universe and will continually manifest in your lives in various forms. You will draw strength and courage from a deep relisation and inner knowing that the Universe supports your love for each other.

Significant anniversaries are especially popular times for expressing, affirming or renewing your commitment and love. Some couples choose to do so after a particularly difficult crisis in their lives. We believe you don't wait crisis to pass before you take action. We urge you to act during crisis... because your intention and action can change the direction and result or any crisis in your life.

Then again, we believe time and space is not a good guide. Nor should they be barriers in our Global World. If it feels right, do it and do it NOW... this is the best time... providence brought you to this website and it is meant to be.


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