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Wedding of...DateTypeCountryPlace X
Gregory Brown 
& Lisa Brown
30th June 2002 Real United States
& Joana
10th February 2019 Virtual Portugal Abrantes
& Jesus
4th February 2019 Virtual United States Hell
Victor Buchemi Vitoriano 
& Camila Cristofoletti De Godoi
4th February 2019 Virtual Brazil Rio Claro-sp
& Farida
7th February 2019 Virtual Egypt 505
Russell Allen Mashama King 
& Fujiwara Hitomi Mashama King
7th February 2019 Virtual United States
& Dra. Sâmara
7th February 2019 Virtual Uruguay Home
& Mariana
7th February 2019 Virtual Brazil
Terrance T Carriere 
& Ava
14th February 2021 Virtual United States
Romie Odell Williams 
& Jamie Lee Poulson
11th February 2019 Virtual United States Sioux Falls
Russell Allen Mashama King 
& Monica Allen Mashama King
12th February 2019 Virtual United States Troy,michigan
& Roberto
12th February 2019 Virtual Brazil Uninove
Philip Torres 
& Amy Dean
12th February 2019 Virtual United States


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